Monday, 24 September 2012

The waterfall / hobbit hill!

We marked out a kidney shape with pebbles. 

Chris cut around the edge

  Then he carefully cut out the turf as we want to reuse it. 

We started to fill up wheelbarrows full of earth (which was previously dug out from the decking area and piled up behind the music room) this is the only bit I was able to help with really, he was too good at the rest) that and stamping in the earth to make it solid 

Lots of wheel barrows later

The mound was still suprisingly small! 

Next stage, bit of turf

Trial waterfall with bin liner and pilfered from a beach stones! 

The solar powered water pump in background, waterfall with the proper pond liner and reservoir (I didn't want a pond with a toddler!)

Gwen, looking on

Front on view of pondless waterfall, the grid part at the bottom will be covered with stones or something.

to be continued..... 

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