Monday, 24 September 2012

Fairy Garden starts

Before Gwen was even an idea, I wanted to have a fairy Garden. Good job I had a girl I guess. They appear to be very popular in america and not so much over here, perhaps I can start more of a UK interest. So in an attempt to persuade more of you to get fairy gardening I will keep all garden things in a separate blog to my Gwen one!

To start off with it took quite a long time to choose an area of garden. A lot of people do fairy gardens in a big planter, or a half barrel thing. I wanted to have it just as a corner of the garden, a place where Gwen can go and sit and talk to the fairies (If she talks too much - which is a distinct possibility with her genes), she can leave them messages and see what she gets back the next day. She can leave her baby teeth there when they fall out for the fairies to take away, and generally play there, (much better to be outdoors) hopefully it will encourage her to be interested in gardening too.

So this is the area we chose - kinda boring at the mo huh.

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