Saturday, 27 July 2013

Progress at last!

After a pretty miserable winter we have finally made progress on the fairy Garden, our excuse is that Gwen is still a bit young to appreciate it! However her cousins have had a bit of fun in there even when there wasn't much going on so it's more for them at the moment!

They played for ages with just a few bits and pieces, making things for the fairies out of twine and twigs.

Here they are making bridges and washing lines, ladders out of wood and twine. 

A fairy washing line!

I asked Chris to make a fairy door, so he managed to find all sorts of bits and pieces around the place. he used some of the top layer of some old furniture to be the z shaped bits,  and used a screw for a door knob. and a bit of wood stain!!

the finished door

It was too big to sit in the side of the hobbit hill which was the original plan. Pah, so it sat around in the shed for quite a while.  

One sunny day I decided I'd had enough thinking about it and just started improvising a house to make use of the door. I cut a hole out of an upside down plastic plant pot

I put a circle of the pond liner plastic on top as it had holes and thought I wouldn't want the rain pouring through. Then I started covering it with earth. 

I had a little play around with some old bits of wood

I'd cut some turf bits up while making a bit more space in the fairy garden so plonked that on top.

I asked Chris to make up some concrete to make some fairy paths. He pushed in some pebbles too. 

From top view, while it was setting.

The following day when concrete had set. It looked so cute!! 

Chris had a rejig with the wood and made it look loads better! A fairy turned up a couple of days after this, imagine that!!! 

Here is a stump we dug out of the garden last year that was still lurking behind the greenhouse so we cemented it in, I plan to make a little path up to it. 

... and whaddaya know, another fairy turned up and sat on it! 

Here's the current state of the fairy garden. 

Here I am digging out another section for the path to carry on round the bend. 

A new section cleared for some more plants, and path next to the waterfall. 


  1. Your garden is lovely! My children and I are starting to plan one, and I am wondering you found your fairies? They are beautiful!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment Nicole, the garden hasn't moved on a great deal recently simply because of time - i'm a youth theatre director and embarked on a huge production of the Little mermaid which took up lot more time than anticipated - silly me! I long for some time to work on the garden. There's some amazing ideas/ examples on a facebook group too called fairy gardens. I got these fairies from a website, they are Cecily may Barker's 'flower fairy' replicas, I'm afraid I lost the actual link for the website I used as my laptop has just died where it was bookmarked, but there's other sites an US one's too if thats where you're from? type in cecily barker fowler fairies garden ornaments. (they have a spike on the bottom for the earth) However I will say that mine have lost their colour - they're very faded now!! which is a shame but they are more rustic I suppose.